About the Babies

Each of my babies is an individually created, impossible-to-replicate, one of a kind artist doll.

The babies begin as plain vinyl parts, and are transformed into lifelike baby dolls.  First, they are gently cleaned to prepare for their first layers of realistic painted skin tones.

Layers are built up with Genesis heat set paints, and each layer is baked before the next can be added.  Shading, mottling, tiny veins and capillaries are all painted onto the baby to create the illusion of soft baby skin.  Textured skin can be added for even more depth and realism.

When most of baby's skin has been perfected, hair is gently pushed into the vinyl one hair at a time with a very small needle.  The hair is rooted directionally, so that it appears to "grow" in a natural direction and is easy to brush and style.  The process of rooting the hair typically takes about 30 hours, and can be longer for larger babies.

The process of properly rooting the hair is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it results in an amazingly real head of hair that can be brushed and styled.  The hairs are sealed inside of the head with a waterproof adhesive so the hair can be dampened when styled. 

After the baby has a full head of hair, the remaining details are added to complement the shade of the hair.  Blushing, eyebrows, and lip details are gently applied, before the baby is finally put together. 

Each baby is placed onto a fabric body that is designed specifically for the shape and size of the baby, and the style of the limbs, to create a cuddly, soft baby that is realistically weighted to feel like you are holding a newborn baby in your arms.

Finally, the perfect outfit is chosen and the baby is complete, ready for a photo session that will showcase all of her beautiful detail and she will be readied for her trip home.

All babies will come home with a new outfit, diaper, receiving blanket, birth certificate and care guide.